Supply Chain and Logistics

It has 70% of the costs borne by most organizations be it manufacturing, extractive, development, and humanitarian in the discharge of the delivery functions to their customers. Supply chain affects 70-90% of product and service delivery in the economy of any country and as such is a vital part of the economies well-being.

The need for efficient storage, inventory, distribution of commodities to reach the final customers from the Production plants, sites, ports, with the associated information to the warehousing, inventory management, distribution and reverse order at reduced costs is what a good Supply chain management is all about.

Long Riders logistics having made quick strides in finding solutions through high technological cutting edge in reducing the costs of operations by at least 90% and increasing the efficiency and optimum use of resources. The quick strides include providing update logistics management information(LMIS) and live trackers to provide real updates on daily status of the stock, inventory, distribution and fleet management analysis from order processing to the final consumer. Want to know more contact us.


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